Food as a pedagogical tool

This project is addressing challenge of sustainable eating habits as it is strongly connected to climate change, biodiversity loss, resilience of Nordic communities, low food self-sufficiency and loss of traditional knowledge. Sustainable eating habits, food and its sufficiency are a prerequisite for a resilient community. We also address teachers need of relevant and updated educational material and methods on sustainable food production and consumption.

Sustainable eating habits are developed through raised understanding of nature and food, their related processes and interconnectedness. Only aware consumers, decision makers and communities will have the knowledge and skills to make sound decisions and take appropriate actions regarding climate effects and choose adaptation measures that are suitable for different sectors in society, both rural and urban. Background for this project is the proposal “Food education for future (FeFF)” that has been submitted to Interreg Aurora and will get a final decision during spring 2023. 

Projektledare: Gunnar Jonsson, bitr professor i pedagogik
Luleå tekniska universitet
Nordiska ministerrådet

Startdatum: Våren 2023

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